Business First, Technology Second

Assessing and investing in technological systems can be a daunting task for any leadership team. It is reported that 55% of new system implementations will fail to meet their organizational goals due to selecting the wrong software, underestimating the effort it takes to implement, or creating a technology-focused strategy that incorrectly assesses how day-to-day business will be impacted.

Novus will ensure that your company's System Selection & Implementation process is successful from start to finish, by:

  • Evaluating current technological systems, requirements, and goals
  • Curating a selection of systems and technologies based on business value, budgets, needs, skills, and capacity
  • Strategizing an implementation plan that considers external risks, integrations, business changes, and best practices
  • Partnering with system vendors to seamlessly install technology
  • Orchestrating the roll out of new systems through a management mindset