The Novus Consulting Story

Expertise: The Bedrock Upon Which Novus Consulting Was Founded

Shared Commitment to Pioneering a Higher Caliber of Energy Consulting

Novus Consulting emerged at the height of the pandemic in 2020. It was during these challenging times that Kate Stevenson, Chevy Thomason, and Robert Lovelace, united by a shared commitment, pioneered a higher caliber of energy consulting. In 2021, the team welcomed Kevin Decker as a founding partner, further amplifying their passion for innovation and industry transformation. Each Novus founder boasts a storied career, having served in executive roles within energy companies or large consulting firms. This invaluable experience equips the Novus team with a profound understanding of the sector and its intricacies.


Years of Experience

At Novus, our mission is clear: Deliver unmatched, time tested results.

We understand that in an ever-evolving industry, our clients need more than just a consulting firm. They need a trusted partner who can not only navigate the complexities of the energy sector but also provide solutions that drive results that will remain effective for decades to come.

Meet our

Leadership Team

Kate Stevenson


Kevin Decker


Chevy Thomason


Robert Lovelace


Don McMahon

VP - Delivery Services

Drew Hopkins

VP - Business Development

Nichole Buersmeyer

VP - Data Services

Michael Harris

VP - Delivery Houston Market

Kendra Zmek

Sr. Manager - Strategy & Delivery Services

Scottie Bryan

Sr. Manager - Data Services

Clients look to Novus to

  • Define and execute on their strategic business and technology objectives
  • Assess current state data, processes and technology landscape to address company gaps, recommend roadmap, select new technology solutions, and/or enhance processes/data.
  • Implement new field and corporate processes along with technology to scale with business growth and/or optimize outdated processes
  • Document new procedures and train field personnel
  • Build analytics to expose KPIs from the field to the corporate office
  • Design new business processes across the asset lifecycle and determine enterprise standards
  • Stand-up a long-term sustainment and governance model for ongoing data excellence
  • Integrate acquired assets into their operations and production systems
The Novus Difference

Exceptional Service Without the Premium

Our unwavering dedication to our clients and our unique approach to consulting is what sets Novus Consulting apart from the competition. We believe that exceptional service doesn't have to come at a premium. Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that every energy company, regardless of size, can access our expertise. This philosophy has driven our continuous growth, quarter after quarter, as we forge lasting partnerships within the industry.

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Transformation Strategy

Guiding clients through a structured transformation plan, fostering stakeholder support, and creating scalable technology strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and industry best practices.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

Providing a structured framework for seamless asset integration during mergers and acquisitions, ensuring IT synergy, data harmonization, and implementing scalable, future-ready technology solutions for sustained success.

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Staff Augmentation

Offering flexible staff augmentation services tailored for the energy sector, enabling clients to swiftly respond to project demands and skill requirements, thus accelerating project timelines and ensuring successful execution of critical initiatives.

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Pioneering Digital Transformation Within the Energy Industry

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