Novus Consulting Partners with Healthcare Management Company to Define Technology Growth Journey

December 29, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Novus Consulting identified a technology transformation journey to free up over 7,000 man-hours annually for immediate and future growth at an Oklahoma City healthcare management company.

This client grew very quickly within the last two years and had not changed its technology to align to its growth. As such, they had a number of forces driving the need for digital transformation – a recent hospital acquisition that increased their workforce capacity, planned future growth through acquisition, aging technology, and disconnected technologies across the enterprise for key finance and accounting functions. They engaged Novus to line out a people, technology and data strategy that would allow them to free up their people’s time for future growth and avoid additional long-term G&A.

Novus focused on the back-office systems, processes, data and information around GL Accounting, Finance (Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting), Purchasing/Procurement, and Operations. Working with their corporate executives and director team, Novus interviewed their employees across multiple departments, analyzed their data, and mapped out their current technology landscape. Through these efforts, Novus was able to determine their needs around technology, processes, culture, and data.

The Novus Partners lined out a roadmap for more automation, governance, work-force skills, upgrading of technology platforms, and increased digitization to decrease current employee capacity by over 600 man hours per month. This would allow the client to have an ROI within the first 2-3 years and the ability to acquire another asset within the first 6 months.

“Scalability for a company that grew as quickly as our client involves a rather complex ecosystem of new capabilities, new technologies, more cohesive processes, cultural considerations and data transformation,” states Novus Founding Partner, Kate Stevenson. “Our client recognized that it would be difficult to scale without some foundational changes. We were able to find solutions to their immediate problems that will allow them to still grow within their planned timeline while also giving them a longer term vision for continued efficiencies.”

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