Kendra Zmek Discusses Integrating Production Assets During an Acquisition

January 1, 2022

Q:           How many acquisitions have you worked in the last year?

A:            I have worked 6 acquisitions over the last 10 months and 2 extra company data conversions from past assets.

Q:           What was the shortest timeline you were up against and how did you move quickly without comprising quality?

A:            One month which isn’t abnormal but this one in particular the TSA was signed in such a manner that the purchasing company was responsible for reporting the production for the month before.  We had one month to:

·         integrate the assets over into the purchaser’s system

·         advise and build out all the flow networks to match the physical layout of the field

·         convert all the SCADA data for the past month to test the flow networks pre-close

·         report the Month end production to regulatory agencies

We had to move quickly to get all the pieces working simultaneously.  The key here was to stay in constant communication with everyone, assign tasks and hold each other accountable.  We have a great team, and everyone rolled up their sleeves to get it done on time, within budget and with the highest quality in mind.

Q:           How did you get the field trained?

A:            We like to go out to the field to make that personal contact.  We find that each office is unique so it’s important to address each independently and face-to-face.  It is critical to build trust, ensure training is effective, and improve data quality in the long-term.  

When necessary, we will do a remote Microsoft Teams meeting and walk-through step by step.  The one positive thing that COVID brought us is the ability to work together from different places. Everyone can be on the same Call with Microsoft Teams, the corporate office, foreman, pumpers.  

Q:           What was your biggest success?

A:           Success has been different each time.  One time it’s going Live on a production system, the next time it is a production report issued with no errors for the first time after scrambling to get all the data in correctly.  Personally, the best is helping someone create efficiencies that make their job easier or provides them more time in their day.  

You can tell when someone really appreciates what you have done for them and that’s why I do it.